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To choose where to live and work: our story...

When we began our business we had to make a strategic decision: we could aim to constantly expand the territory in which we worked, or to provide the maximum attention and care to "our" region, creating a series of high-level, personalized services with a strong link to Sardinia. Ladiri decided to take this second opportunity - the more difficult option, but one that privileges clarity and seriousness.

Attaining your goal, step by step

Ladiri dedicates the same attention to clients who wish to sell, trade or rent a residence. We begin with a property survey to determine the best market price and facilitate the search of the potential renter or buyer.

We offer integrated, efficient and timely services

Ladiri offers a complete set of services that are meticulous and punctual, allowing us to recognize and overcome problems in advance. A carefully selected group of professionals - notaries, lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors and tourism experts - collaborate with Ladiri. Our constant market research and technological know-how allow us to maximize our findings in the real estate market and work in the best manner possible. Ladiri is an ideal partner for clients who wish to make well-informed market choices.

We help you seek your dreams

If you are dreaming of a new home but don’t know how to realize this desire, Ladiri can help you understand the advantages of this choice and advise you on making an informed decision. We will walk you through the analysis from start to finish: from construction to future relations with the condominium.

The Property Finder, the right way to buy your property in Sardinia

It's often said that buying a property is one of life's more stressful events and too often it turns out to be a time consuming and frustrating process but it doesn't have to be like that. The purchase of a plot, Villa or Apartment is one of the biggest financial commitments people make in life yet most buyers put their trust in estate agents who are working for the other side, the seller. The Property Finders think it makes better sense for buyers to have someone working exclusively for them, to protect their interests and with the sole intention of finding the right property for them at the lowest possible price in the Sardinia Estate market.

We value and care for your real estate

Real estate is an important economic resource: one that requires care, attention, experienced management and discreet negotiations to maximize its selling value with the minimum maintenance costs and maximum investment returns. Ladiri is strongly oriented to the touristic real estate market and in order to maximize investment returns, it has created a strong collaboration with several international partners. Thanks to this strategic alliance, Ladiri can make choices that optimize the marketability of each property, advising and organizing the purchase, leasing and sale of properties.

Obtain helpful advice for your "loan"

Ladiri can help you find balance: its professionalism also includes consulting and advice to help you find your ideal loan. Ladiri is by your side, offering an educated, timely panorama of the current market offers.

Operate by web: the ideal channel for a high-level, dynamic service

Ladiri uses the internet to create a dynamic dialogue with its clients and to elevate the level of its services. That is why its website,, contains announcements to buy, sell and rent: a full range of information that is constantly updated.

Welcome and assist your guests

To provide the best possible services to your guests, Ladiri will welcome them upon their arrival and guide them to their chosen residence. We will also provide, if necessary, the required maintenance to keep the residence running perfectly and any other services, upon request, that can improve the stay of your guests.

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